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The Opala Provider Directory API

Provider directories play a key role in enabling the identification of individual providers and provider organizations. The Provider Directory API enables you to use your application to access information about providers and provider organizations. The Provider Directory API is publicly accessible and it does not require any authorization to access the data.

Opala's Provider Directory supports the Da Vinci PDEX Plan-Net standard for search and retrieval, based on FHIR R4. The Provider Directory uses a push service to send new records and updates to the FHIR Repository.


The PDEX Payer Network (a.k.a., Plan-Net) Implementation Guide is, conceptually, based on the Validated Healthcare Directory Implementation Guide (VHDir IG), an international standard, which in turn is based on FHIR Version 4.0. The primary changes made by Plan-Net are:

Note: Alignment with VhDir is maintained by adapting VhDir content where possible.

The Plan-Net IG was written for a US audience, and describes resources from US Core STU 3.1 where available (Practitioner, Organization, Location), and from R4 (OrganizationAffiliation, PractitionerRole, HealthCareService, Endpoint) otherwise.

The Network profile is based on USCore Organization, since there is no contradiction between the USCore profile and the Plan-Net requirements; however, the NPI and CLIA identifier types, which are Must-Support, are intended for provider organizations only and are not expected to be populated for other organization types.

Note: The PractitionerRole profile from US Core was not used because it is overly constrained for use in a Provider Directory based on Payer information.

Use Cases

The Provider Directory enables you to find a practitioner or organization. This section describes the use cases and search expectations for the Provider Directory.

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